Metalflex JAM

About us

METALFLEX JAM was founded in early 2007 as a continuation of the previous family business with more than 40 years dedicated to fine boilermaking.


It currently has 3,000 m2 covered and an external storage area attached.


We will shortly increase our productive capacity in adjacent land to 7,000 m2.


We make customized pieces for each client, adapted to their needs in quality and term.


Our technical office has 3D CAD / CAM resources and knowledge, and executes the necessary developments for the correct configuration of each element.

Own facilities and means of production

Laser cutting equipment for sheet and tube, CNC press brakes, CNC punching machine, manual and semi-automatic welding equipment and finishing facilities.


We manufacture from the simplest piece to complex machined assemblies with multiple elements. Finished piece, with both finishes and assembly if the client requires it.


Continuous investments allow us to update the machinery and processes. To improve and deal with new jobs, as well as increase versatility and speed of execution.


We provide solutions for multiple industrial sectors: manufacturers of machinery, automation, rail, naval, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, etc …


In METALFLEX JAM SL we are dedicated only to the provision of services and outsourcing. We do not have our own products or sell third-party items.


Our clients trust us and we are committed to the confidentiality of their elements.